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Revitalizing the art of airbrushing: A Journey of Rejuvenation

Discover why airbrush has regained its popularity in the art world. Explore the resurgence of this versatile technique and its ability to create stunning, realistic effects. From its historical roots to its modern applications, learn how airbrush has evolved to meet the demands of contemporary artists. Uncover the reasons behind its renewed appeal, including its ability to effortlessly blend colors, create smooth gradients, and achieve intricate details. Experience the captivating allure of airbrush and witness its resurgence as a favored tool among professional artists worldwide.

According to an article by Rae Witte, airbrushed t-shirts could be the next big trend. Lately there has been a huge push towards customization in fashion. From paint splattered jeans, sharpie covered sneakers, and distressed denim jackets, everyone wants a piece that not only makes a statement but is also unique and individualized. Airbrushed shirts seem to be the perfect remedy for this recent customization demand.

Surprisingly, this airbrush trend is reaching farther than the vendor booth at your local fair but is expanding all the way to Hollywood. Even famous rap artist, Kanye West, was spotted several times in 2016 sporting a custom airbrush t-shirt featuring beautiful portraits of his late mother, Donda West and late father in-law, Robert Kardashian. Given his trendsetting nature and popularity, Kanye stands to influence a lot of his fanbase to rock a throwback airbrushed tee. Alongside celebrities, fashion designers are also catching onto the craze. Most people wouldn’t consider airbrushed clothing as “high fashion” but stylish airbrushed tees were showcased during the legendary New York Fashion Week. Models sported individualized designs alongside their fresh Adidas.

The article did a great job of highlighting the originality of airbrushing and its renewed popularity in fashion but underestimated its potential for longevity. The article suggested that there is surely potential for airbrushed customization to grow in regards to fashion but some people are not quite convinced that it will take off. Thankfully, airbrushed t-shirts expand beyond mere trends but are a great option for many special occasions. Bridal showers, birthday parties, family reunions and etc. are events where airbrushed clothing is more than just an aesthetic fad but instead artistically capture a special moment.

Regardless, airbrushing is still alive and well and showcases the fact that the sky's the limit when it comes to customizing virtually anything. Airbrushing is extremely versatile and you can create a plethora of designs using different application methods and materials. In a day and age where trendy stores produce carbon copies of hipster teens, a little airbrushed individuality can truly make its mark.


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