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Unleash Your Style: Exquisite Custom Airbrush T-Shirts in Greensboro, N.C.

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Airbrush shirt in Greensboro and Inspired Carolina Panthers

3J’s Airbrushing

Airbrushing T Shirts

Personalizing T shirts, hats, joggers, and jackets using an airbrush has been around for years reaching it’s zenith of popularity in the 1960’s and 70’s. Today airbrush shops can still be found in a few Wal-Mart’s, malls, and flea markets of you more metropolitan cities, but the art form has suffered in smaller towns. 3J’s airbrushing is one of the only airbrush companies in the Triad. As with the new tie die craze, airbrush artist can’t but hope that their day in the sun returns. Where airbrushing T shirts have somewhat suffered, airbrushing has really picked up in areas such as makeup, auto painting, backdrops, altering images (magazines) and customized helmets. Collectively airbrushing T shirts has remained a great way to make passive income for the average artist, but it you’re going to make a living airbrushing, you will probably have to migrate into airbrushing more big ticketed items.


The generic pricing for airbrushing in Burlington North Carolina has been simple; $1.00 per minute. There are a few really good artist who are able to increase that by an additional .50 per hour but that’s about it. You can only charge a person so much for a simple personalized airbrushed shirt in Danville VA. Now when you have a customer who comes into your shop or makes an order of something they dreamed about after staying up for 24 hours straight, the price is liable to go as high as your paint can take you while airbrushing in Asheboro North Carolina. A really good airbrush artist is going to be able to airbrush a shirt between 10 to 15 minutes. Anything longer than that is unacceptable if you’re trying to make money. My instructor here in airbrushing in Greensboro made sure he let me know that at the first baseball tournament he took me too. Time is money with airbrushing in Greensboro North Carolina.


The most commonly used airbrush for airbrushing T Shirts in the dual action airbrush which handles the higher viscosity textile paints. The most popular brands are Iwata, Badger, or Passche. I personally only use Iwata, probably because that’s the type of gun my instructor Terrance Haynes recommended from the beginning. To avoid spending unnecessary money and headaches, make sure you purchase the correct airbrush hose for the correct airbrush in Greensboro North Carolina. Each style of airbrush in Danville uses a different hose. Also, take note that along with three popular brands of airbrushes, there are three major styles of airbrush in Greensboro North Carolina. There is the siphon feed which feeds airbrush paint from the bottom, side feed which feeds airbrush paint from the side of the airbrush in Charlotte and the top feed (my personal favorite) which feeds paint from the top of the gun. In case your asking, “How do I determine which airbrush to purchase in Greensboro, well it depends on what types of work you will create most. 1) bottom fed airbrushes in Greensboro are used for bigger jobs because the airbrush is able to hold a voluminous amount of paint in the bottle which hangs below the airbrush. 2) the side fed gun is really popular with illustrators; those who are involved with detail work. This is the airbrush of choice for illustrators because they generally like to get up close to their work and with the cup being located on the side of the airbrush, the airbrush artist in Archdale’s vision is not obstructed. Last, but not least, the top fed airbrush artist in Greensboro is the airbrush of choice for jobs that are intermediate and where colors will be alternated frequently with the same gun. This generally is the case for someone who hasn’t developed their library of guns. Remember, the style of airbrush does not determine the quality; that’s the brand. Rather it’s a side fed airbrush, top fed airbrush of bottom fed, if it’s an Iwata, it’s an Iwata and will perform as such.

H. Rashard Jones

3J’s airbrushing

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